material interruptions






An aspect of working that I find infinitely interesting is the idea of glitches and the accidental ways in which work can form. An interest of mine has been the way we view ephemeral objects and ways in which visually manipulating these objects can become translated into new and (often more) interesting pieces. Along with this idea of ephemera is the idea of transitory and faded memory. The way we remember often becomes twisted with what we wish had happened and what has really happened. Time changes those perceptions just as environment and circumstances change objects. From this I began to explore ordinary objects and vintage negatives and used the scanner bed as a jumping off place. By simply pulling objects across the scanner or jostling the scanner as it scanned, new and interesting images began to form. To push this idea further I also digitally manipulated the images on the computer and played with the backend code of the images to see what would happen when one letter or number was erased. Like a memory we can “remember” something; a word or movement and be sure of what occurred but quite possibly, due to time and the ways in which memory shifts it becomes hard to tell what was original and what became fabrictaed.

I am also interested in the role technology plays in creating these glitches. Sometimes these accidents happen through technical issues and sometimes through user. When playing with techniques I don’t know what the final image will be. Through this technique there are many combinations of analog and digital processes that begin to blur the lines between human and computer.